April 27, 2019

All KDE Plasma 5 Wallpapers Released So Far In One Place: Plasma 5.0 - 5.14

Ahhh nostalgia. To some degree, we all have it. We all relish in it from time to time. Thinking about those things that hearken back to a point-in-time in the past, where we were excited about what was happening in the open source world, and (what is now) the future.

Such as it is for some of us with wallpapers. Who can forget the Windows XP wallpaper, for example? More specifically, since this is a KDE-centric site, who can forget all the kool KDE Plasma Wallpapers?

Even if you are the type of person who customizes their wallpaper the minute you get on a freshly-installed system, the impression you're left with upon first boot can have an immediate impact. Your thoughts, expectations, and yes, even eternal hopes that your shiny new system will provide the visual stimulation to make you want to dive in and play. Or just get stuff done in an aesthetically-pleasing way.

To that end, we are lucky to have had several good ones throughout the years, courtesy of the KDE Community's (And Canada's own) Ken Vermette.

One of Plasma's venerable wallpapers, This one's entitled "Skylight" - From Plasma 5.7
One of Plasma's venerable wallpapers via my desktop,
This one's entitled "Skylight" - From Plasma 5.7

And, thanks to our friends over at OpenDesktop.org, we bring you every Plasma 5 wallpaper released to date! Curated from the main artist himself, we are making all KDE Plasma 5 wallpapers available as a download for you, our dear readers, to enjoy :)

Celebrating nearly 5 years of KDE Plasma 5 wallpaper releases
Celebrating nearly 5 years of KDE Plasma 5 wallpaper releases


Nearly 5 years of Plasma and Plasma wallpaper releases

The first official release of KDE plasma 5 was in July of 2014. In honor of the nearly five year anniversary of Plasma 5's groundbreaking seminal release, it is only fitting that all of the wallpapers included in past releases be put together in one place.

For your convenience, I have selected each of the official wallpapers, in the highest resolutions available (4k), and included them in one package that I am making downloadable to our readers with one easy click.it is a way to help all of us remember, celebrate, and take that trip back in time to some of the ones we may have really liked and missed out or lost or forgot about along the way.

Interestingly, many of the wallpapers lived somewhat shorter lives than others for many, as the ones we may typically think about tend to be tethered to long-term support releases. So I would assume that several of these may be new even to longtime KDE users. For the newly initiated it, it might be interesting to take a trip through the desktop's visual past and look at how the look of KDE has evolved through the years.

The very first KDE Plasma 5 wallpaper, appropriately named "Next"
The very first KDE Plasma 5 wallpaper,
appropriately named "Next"

KDE 5.10's wallpaper, known as "Cascade"
KDE 5.10's wallpaper, known as "Cascade"


Included in the Plasma 5 collection are:

  • 5.0, 5.1 - Next
  • 5.2 - Vibrant
  • 5.3 - Deep
  • 5.4 - Horizon
  • 5.5 - Event
  • 5.6 - Graphite
  • 5.7 - Skylight
  • 5.8 - Bizmuth
  • 5.9 - Canopée
  • 5.10 - Cascade
  • 5.11 - Opal
  • 5.12 - Kokkini
  • 5.14 - Cluster

An astute reader may have noticed an absence of a wallpaper for Plasma 5.13. Per Ken's blog post on the future of KDE Plasma wallpaper releases, he states the following:

"TL;DR, I’ll be switching to releasing new wallpapers every second Plasma release, on even-numbered versions.

This is just a post to refer to for those who have asked me about Plasma 5.15 and a new wallpaper. Since I started working on Plasma 5 wallpapers, there has always been a number of factors determining how exactly I made them. After some agonising debate I’ve decided to slow the wallpaper release pace, because as time has gone on a number of things have changed since I started contributing them"
So it looks like we'll have to wait until June of this year to see what Ken's got cooking for the Plasma 5.16 bling...


Special bonus

As an added bonus, I am also including various wallpapers from the KDE 4 era! Although I do not believe this collection to be complete, long-time users will no doubt recognize many included here! In the list is for example is "Elarun", the very last wallpaper from the KDE 4 Series. The wallpapers included here are via OpenDesktop user alex-l, so special thanks go out to him!

"Elarun", from KDE SC 4.14

Download and enjoy

As mentioned earlier, we are releasing all of the wallpapers for the plasma 5 Series in one downloadable link. Simply unzip the folder in your default wallpaper location. That would be in .local/share/wallpapers/ for a normal Plasma user.

Plasma 5 wallpaper file is available for download here.

Do let me know what you think! And also, consider a small donation - every bit helps me bring you the best in KDE-land coverage. Link is in the sidebar :)

One more thing

As a second added bonus, I've included Ken's abstract history wallpaper, which is a multi-version containing slices of the first 10 releases.

Plasma 5 mash-up wallpaper, entitled "history"
Plasma 5 mash-up wallpaper, entitled "history"


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