May 5, 2019

Highlighting Some Really Elegant KDE Plasma Wallpapers From The Collection Of PT_Alfred

Some really nice KDE Plasma wallpapers for your Plasma desktop

Every once in a while, we like to relax a little bit. Kick back, and play around with our Linux boxes. And, every once in a while, something truly elegant comes along and I just feel the need to highlight it here for our readers.

And, well, this is one of those times.

Recently, whilst perusing the KDE Store, I came across the Plasma Collection from a contributor named "PT_Alfred", and this person's work struck me as elegant, classy, and a fine addition to any Plasma-sporting device out there.

PT_Alfred's bio reads:

"Hi, my name is Alfred F. ( alias PT_Alfred), I’m a technology enthusiast, and passionate about the GNU/Linux world. I am the founder of Curva Digital, Digitallofice and Artwork & Design blogs"

He's also apparently pretty passionate about KDE Plasma. His work is over in the KDE Store, arranged in a collection, and it seems to be growing. When I first came in contact with this person's work, there were - I think - around 5 additions to the collection at that point.

Since then, the collection is up to eight, and now even includes matching mobile wallpapers for a few of works present.

Honestly, the thumbnails below don't do the artist's work much justice, so do check their page out and download a few. And be sure to leave a like and  comment on their page, if so inclined, or even throw a Pling or two their way.

  • The (growing) KDE Plasma wallpaper collection can be found here
  • The artist's 'about' page over at their blog is here

We'll keep bringing you more community art (wallpapers, themes, icons, and such) - I hope you enjoy!

Also don't forget KDE's Wallpaper Competition - now underway! Perhaps PT will submit an entry or two...

Which is your favorite?

Classy Plasma Wallpaper Image Gallery

My desktop, pimping the "Hot Plasma" wallpaper
My desktop, pimping the "Hot Plasma" wallpaper

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