May 4, 2019

You Can Design The Next Plasma Wallpaper And Win A Slimbook!

Plasma 5.10 Wallpaper, "Cascade"

The KDE Community announces contest to design the new Plasma 5.16 wallpaper

Some people think wallpapers are the most exciting thing ever. Others are indifferent, simply installing their personal favorite and switching to it ASAP.

Whatever your opinion on the matter however, the truth is that the default wallpaper is the first thing someone sees when installing a new distribution. And that impression goes a long way towards having a likeable experience or not. 

As part of the overall aesthetics of a desktop environment, the wallpaper covers the most real estate area visible to the user, and really says a lot about what the designers of the distribution what you sense when first booting up into a freshly installed Linux desktop session. 

The folks over at KDE today have announced a new contest whereby you, dear user, can design the wallpaper that will be featured in the upcoming release of Plasma 5.16.  

The details

Basically, you have the month of May to design and submit an original artwork to the appropriate post over on the KDE forums. A panel from KDE's Visual Design Group will pick one winner and that person is submission will be the default wallpaper in plasma 5.16! 

So this is an entirely community-driven effort and anyone is encouraged to submit their artwork for consideration. And - there can be three entries per individual, so you have up to three shots at winning. 

As a bonus, you can win something really kool

Sorry for the terrible "K" reference - old habits die hard, you know. Anyway, in addition to having your art represent the overall look of Plasma 5.16 to millions of users and organizations, you can actually win something very cool courtesy of our friends over at Slimbook:

The prize for the winning Plasma wallpaper submission: A shiny-new Slimbook One Version 2 computer
The prize for the winning Plasma wallpaper submission:
A shiny-new Slimbook One Version 2 computer

The Slimbook One is a full-blown small form factor computer that packs some serious power under the hood for its size. Designed from the ground up to be Linux friendly, this little powerhouse makes a great gaming box or home theater PC, in addition to more pedestrian type computer duties.

"Our friends at Slimbook have kindly donated a Slimbook One v2 as a prize for the winning participant. The One v2 is an eco-friendly, compact machine, measuring only 12.4 x 12.8 x 3.7 cm. It comes with an i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM, and is capable of outputting video in glorious 4K. Naturally, your One will come decked out with the upcoming KDE Plasma 5.16 desktop, your spectacular wallpaper, and a bunch of great software made by KDE"

Want to win one of these little Linux dynamos for yourself? Well you can by submitting the winning contest artwork.

KDE Community wallpaper contest tweet

Full details on the competition, prizes, rules, etc. are over on the KDE forums. If you do decide to enter, good luck, and please do show us some pictures of the Slimbook running Plasma with your winning wallpaper when Plasma 5.16 is released later in June.

P.S. - A reminder

A friendly reminder, in case you missed it: We recently released a collection of all Plasma 5 wallpapers to date, and even threw in some KDE 4 ones as well!

Feel free to download and peruse for inspiration if needed.

All KDE Plasma 5 Wallpapers Released So Far
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