December 12, 2009

Google Chrome Gets Its First KDE SC Theme

As most of the breathing Linux world knows, Google Chrome was officially released last week for Mac and Linux, coming out of the dark ages of Alpha status. It should be noted, however, that many people have been using Chrome for some time now and it has become a viable option in the KDE browser wars. Reaching Beta status also allows us to talk about things that help those readers who chose to use Chrome in Linux Mint KDE or other KDE distribution of choice.
One of those things has been released in the form of the KDE4 Google Chrome Theme 'Sky', recently made available on

For comparison, here is the "stock" Google Chrome install on Linux Mint KDE:

The default Google Chrome install in Mint

The default header and menu in Chrome

Here's Chrome with the "Sky" theme installed:

A shiny new tab in Chrome's "Sky"

Here you can see the familiar circular patterns in Chrome's header and menu bar

The goal, as the author states, is to give Chrome a more KDE-like appearance and feeling. The author states that this theme is based on based on Nuno Pinheiro's KDE4 air theme. One thing that would be nice, and was requested in the comments section of the theme, would be to make a more Oxygen-like theme to fully blend to the default KDE SC desktop. The author replies that he "may do a more oxygen / bespin like colour scheme soon". If this is something you would like to see, I would recommend first thanking him for this very good theme, and dropping him a line requesting it over on the website.

One other thing I would like to see, although not sure if it is possible, would be integration of more KDE-looking icons, such as those we suggested in our Making Firefox 3.x Look at Home in KDE4 post from earlier.

Installation is easy. Simply click on the Download link from the website. Note that you must download this from within Chrome, as you can not download the theme from another browser and then install the theme locally.


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  1. See:

    Unfortunately, chrome's theming capabilities are rather rudimentary, so icons and all that are still the original ones...


  2. @Ivan - thanks for the link to the picture. I understand the icon issue. Hopefully, as Chrome evolves and matures this will be an option.

  3. Heh, I'm even pondering the idea of recompiling Chrome with new (oxygen) icons ;)