September 25, 2010

Amarok 2.3.2 Raises The Bar On Linux Media Players Another Notch

A heads up, for those who haven't heard: the venerable flagship media player Amarok has released a new version upon the masses. 2.3.2, Codenamed "Moonshine", includes a series of bug fixes along with some cool new features as well.

Amarok's Looking Good In Black

A few highlights:

  • The cool "Dynamic Playlists" feature has been fixed to play better with external storage
  • A bug where The Collection Browser would show incorrectly cached entries until Amarok was restarted has been
  • Full compatibility with KDE 4.5
  • internet service now works without using KWallet
  • Improved search capabilities
  • Improved handling of Podcasts (yes, Amarok is a great tool for Podcast management. In fact, it's likely unequaled)

    Also fixed was a bug that did not properly show a Podcast's logo if you downloaded an episode, as opposed to streaming it (This one I was personally glad to see fixed). There are a number of other fixes as well, which can all be found in the changelog in the Amarok release announcement.

    And since we're reporting some nice-to-see changes in Amarok, The A-Team's lead developer and outspoken statesman, Mark Kretschmann, recently blogged about a renewed sense of excitement regarding all aspects of Amarok's development, promotion, and documentation contributions. He also states an open invitation for anyone wanting to get involved to do so. It's good to see the energy and enthusiasm return, to be sure.

    If you're new to Amarok, or just haven't seen it in a while (you know who you are), be sure to check out the Quick Start Guide for getting up to speed. Also, there's some good things to peruse in the latest release of the Amarok Insider as well. Lots of good stuff in there, thanks to valoriez. For you social media types, in order to stay on top of things, make sure you join Amarok's Wolf Pack (Their social media page). There you will find the Amarok Facebook page, Twitter,, and other cloud-based Amarok love.

    And if, for some reason, you are running Windows or Mac, you're invited to check out the Amarok releases for those platforms via the Download Page. Testers and feedback are welcome.

    To get it in Linux Mint KDE, just enable the Kubuntu backports PPA. And turn up the volume to 11. There's a lot going on in Amarok-land. And we at TBM are happy to report there is much to like about what we're seeing.

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