October 21, 2011

Nokia Announces Open Governance Model For Qt

Absolutely great news! As reported by Lydia Pintscher over at dot.kde.org, today Nokia announced the open governance model for Qt, known henceforth as the Qt Project. This move really helps KDE and it's downstream Kubuntu by allowing KDE to take a more proactive approach in Qt's future. As Lydia states:
KDE has been working closely with Qt during its 15 year lifetime and the Qt Project promises to bring this collaboration to a new level.
She concludes by saying:
The purpose of the KDE Free Qt Foundation is to ensure that Qt will always be available as Free Software (LGPL 2.1 and GPL 3). The legal agreements between KDE and Nokia ensuring the freedom of Qt remain valid and can now act as solid legal footings for Qt as a community-developed Free Software project.
It will be interesting to see whether the pace of innovation and progression of Qt and KDE quickens over time due to the increased harmony that these two groups have enjoyed over the years. This announcement is certainly further proof that this is indeed happening.

The announcement over at the Dot can be found here

Happy Friday everyone!

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