October 16, 2011

rekonq Releases 0.8 Stable - Brings Many Improvements

rekonq 0.8 stable is here!
On October 15th, 2011, an announcement was made that rekonq 0.8, KDE's WebKit based web browser, was released. In case you're not familiar with rekonq, a quick introduction can be read here.

Of particular interest in this release are all of the improvements made in this fine and rapidly maturing browser. Additionally, this is the first build that has been tagged as stable, implying that this small and light browser is ready for every-day use. 

Highlights of the release, along with bug-fixes, are the following improvements:

  • AdBlock: Third Party rules support
  • custom urlbar context menu (paste & go action, …)
  • set editable
  • restore tab’s history
  • UI changes (in rekonq menu)
  • quit closes app (and added option to close window by closing last tab)
  • use KParts to view page source
  • “click” mechanism to manage favorites
  • “Do Not Track” feature
  • history, time first visit added
  • Tab messages using KMessageWidget
  • improved drag’n'drop
  • vi style navigation (optional)
  • ctrl + number favorites shortcuts
  • SSL UIs rewamped
I tried version 0.8 and found it to be fast and responsive. I have a feeling that the addition of AdBlock to this release will bring some more users into the fold, as it is an often-requested feature in any browser.

Kubuntu users wanting to take the latest rekonq for as spin can either wait for the newest version to hit the stable repositories, or install the latest (daily) build by adding the PPA found here to their repositories.

The release announcement can be found at http://adjamblog.wordpress.com/2011/10/15/rekonq-0-8-stable/.

Do you use rekonq, or will you try it now? Let us know what you think of rekonq in the comments below. 

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