July 17, 2012

5 Blogs You Should Follow For Linux Gaming News And Information

As I published yesterday, there are a lot of games apparently heading to Linux's near future. In that article, I suggested a community maintained public central wiki or web presence to allow for a central place to help keep track of all the gaming goodness coming down from crowd-sourced funding development models as seen on Kickstarter.com and a few others.

While I am not aware of a central wiki / database / website like this as of today (and if there is such a thing please let me know) there are many good outlets out there that do report on Linux gaming. Here are 5 of them, in no particular order, that you can add to your RSS reader or otherwise follow to keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening in gaming on Linux in 2012 and beyond. All of these are worth checking out if you consider yourself a 'gamer', whether it be hardcore or casual.

1. Linux Game News

Website: http://www.linuxgamenews.com/
RSS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/tumblr/lgc
Mission: "Maintain the foundation of the Linux community and those supporting Linux Gaming through the distribution of up-to-date content."
Updates content: regularly

Notes: Has active social media presence and is updated very regularly. In addition to general Linux gaming news there is also a good balance with industry topics and opinion mixed in

2. LinuxGames.com

Website: http://www.linuxgames.com/
RSS: http://www.linuxgames.com/feed/
Updates content: regularly

Notes: Has dedicated sub-domains that cover a variety of topics from emulators to older titles like Hexen. Digging deep into the site will show it's a bit dated, but the news from the news feed stays fresh

3. The Linux Game Tome

Website: http://happypenguin.org/news/
RSS: http://happypenguin.org/html/news.rdf
Updates content: Sporadically
"The Linux Game Tome was started by Tessa Lau in 1995 when the phrase "Linux game" meant either sasteroids or xtetris. She culled the best games from sunsite's Linux games directories, scoured the net for classic X11 games, and put together a compendium of amusing ways to waste time. After two years of regular updates, the Tome started to sprout cobwebs as its creator lost interest in downloading the latest and greatest in Linux entertainment...<read full text here>
Notes:  Those looking for the histories of games are in luck as the search capabilities let you search by newly added, newly updated, by title, etc. Also has an active forum that's not to be overlooked but easily could be by just looking at the landing page 

4. LinuxGameCast

Website: http://linuxgamecast.com/
RSS: http://linuxgamecast.com/?feed=rss
Mission: ...The L.G.C. project aims to provide quality Linux game capture, news, reviews and whatever else we come up with. Don’t get me right, I love that others are doing Linux game capture! I’m just trying a different approach.
Updates content: regularly

Notes: Lots of updates and lots of gameplay video goodness all shot and discussed in a unique way. Very active and rich content from the author, Venn Stone that carries over into Google+. One of the best Linux gaming sites out there. 

5. Linux Games Database

Website: http://www.lgdb.org
RSS: http://www.lgdb.org/rss.xml
Mission: "This is a Linux Game Database, primarily for native Linux games that are beyond the planing stage and have released more than tech demos, ether as source code or binary files. The information about a game is usually taken from the game site. The games are carefully categorized and represented with developer news screenshots and videos."
Updates content: regularly

Notes: News, tools, extensive forums, chat, reviews, videos, and screenshots. Yes, this one has them all. Currently has >1,000 games online!

I'm sure there are others out there as well that are not in this list. Don't look now, but the future of Linux gaming looks to be growing...


  1. Thanks for the recognition James. I certainly appreciate it.
    Linux Gaming News (linuxgamingnews.org) is another good option for game content.

    Best Regards,

    Todd B.
    Linux Game News

    1. You're welcome. And thank for the head's-up on the link. Lot's of great things are happening right now regarding Linux gaming, for sure.

    2. You missed one pretty large one out http://www.gamingonlinux.com

    3. @Anonymous Thanks for the heads-up :)