December 11, 2012

KDE And Kubuntu Well Represented In New Google Communities

A few days ago, Google launched a new service over on Google+ that you may or may not be aware of. The new feature is called Communities, and it's function, according to Google, is to

"Talk about the stuff you’re into with people who love it too"

Straight forward enough. There are some cool aspects to Communities on G+, such as:
  • Real-time communication and collaboration
  • Every member can contribute
  • Can have updates sent via email
  • Posts show up in your G+ stream
  • You can share articles via your stream or social media
  • You can schedule and have live Hangouts
Of course, in a matter of minutes, there were KDE and Kubuntu communities popping up all over the place. If you already use G+, then joining these communities makes a lot of sense. If not, now may be a good time to try G+ out or try it again if you tried it a while ago and just didn't get it. According to Mashable, there are 400 million G+ users and counting (as of Sep. 2012).

For the convenience of our readers, here are just a few that you may want to join and participate in. If you are aware of others we have missed, just leave them in a comment below. Happy Google Plus-ing!

KDE-USA Community

KDE Community on G+

Blue Mint Linux community on G+

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