March 24, 2018

KDE Package Manager Muon 5.8.0 Released

A few days ago a new version of KDE Plasma's package manager Muon was released. Mainly a bug-fix release, the new release does add a new feature. For those not familiar with Muon, it is a KDE Plasma 'Package Manager' for Debian (apt)-based systems, akin to GTK's long-standing Synaptic package manager.

What's New:

The only new feature added in this release is the addition of AppStream data. Now, Muon shows properly in Discover Software Store and other places utilizing the standard. The newfound dedication by developers to now include proper AppStream data is really noticeable, and provides a professional appearance when viewing applications like Muon via an 'app store' such as Discover. 

KDE Discover Software Center
Now, Muon shows properly in the Discover
Software Store, including correct AppStream metadata

 Among the bug fixes included in this version are:

  • Fix high-dpi scaling
    • The text in the list of packages is not rendered blurry 
  • Give more time to the search index rebuild to start before hiding the progress bar
  • Fix name of desktop file 
  • Show the correct icon in Wayland
  • Fix the count of selected packages
  • Avoid double refresh of all details tabs on package selection

Muon Package Manager
KDE Muon Package Manager 5.8
running in KDE Neon

Muon utilizes it's companion dependency, libQApt (A Qt wrapper library / APT implementation around the libapt-pkg library), to function. As a result, a few fixes landed in libQApt as well:
  • Remove timeout when installing a package
  • Fix changelog URL
  • Do not consider dpkg status file as a timestamp for the xapian

About Muon Page
Muon Package Manager 5.8.0

It's good to see work being done on KDE Muon. Hopefully, we'll see continued development in the future, as it was considered abandoned by some for a little while now. And while the Discover Application Store aims to be the default way to add and remove programs, sometimes a classic package manager is the right tool for the job.

Muon Package Manager 5.8.0 landed in KDE Neon on 3/22/2018. For the upcoming Kubuntu 18.04 release, Muon has not yet been packaged in the standard repositories. Those wishing to use it might consider filing a bug to get it packaged. 

For others, check with your distribution to see availability. Alternatively, for those wishing to compile themselves, the source can be downloaded from here for Muon, and here for libQApt. Note that both are needed in order to run Muon.

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