November 5, 2009

KDE 4.3 in MS Windows? Yes you can!

Many of you may not be aware that you can run many KDE4 applications on your Windows machine. Since KDE4.x is based on QT4, which was ported to Microsoft Windows, it's users can install KDE and get a taste of what the KDE "experience" is all about. This concept is the result of The KDE on Windows Project.

I would maintain that, if you are curious about real the KDE experience, you are better served by downloading a Live CD and booting into it, thus allowing you to explore and play using all of the tools and toys that KDE brings to the proverbial table. Linux Mint KDE CE would, of course, fit the bill nicely. And thus allows you to explore and play to your heart's content and actually use KDE4, fully integrated into the operating system, without installing anything on your hard drive.

Unless, of course, you decide to do so - a highly recommended decision I might add.

Still, it's pretty cool that you can install KDE4 in Windows should you desire. And there are valid reasons for wanting to do this. The installer makes it easy enough to do so in order to get a taste of what KDE4 is about. KDE4 is installed using a Windows installer, and includes its own uninstall feature as well. It runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Some of the packages available for install include:

Amarok music player
Photo management
Konqueror, Dolphin, KWrite, folderview etc.
Plasma, Wallpapers, Solid, etc.
Marble, Parley, KStars, KHangman, etc.
Kgoldrunner, Kpat, KMahjongg, etc.
Okular, kolourpaint, gwenview, etc.
JuK, etc.
Kopete, KGet, etc.
Kate, Umbrello, etc.
KTeatime, etc.
KGpg, KWallet, Okteta, etc.
KWord, Krita, Karbon, etc. (Beta 3)
the KTorrent utility
the KDE IRC client (alpha 3)

For the KDE un-initiated, it is worth a download just to get Amarok, widely held as the best media player available on any operating system. And it's all free. As in 'free candy'. And as in FOSS.

The link for the .exe download file is found here.

There is also a nice review of KDE on Windows and a few of the more popular included applications that are hallmarks of the KDE desktop experience on Think Digit.

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