November 2, 2009

Pass That Bowl of Mint

Congratulations to Clem and the team over at Linux Mint. From the Monthly stats - October 2009 report published today, here are some interesting facts about Linux Mint that some of you may not be aware of:

Web Stats:

* Visits: 2,150,333 (+8%)
* Pageviews: 3,655,481 (+7%)
* Page impressions: 1,414,004
* Search queries: 4,817,791


* Distrowatch (popularity ranking): 1328 (3rd)
* Distrowatch (traffic share): 3.9% (2nd)

Ranking 3rd in Distrowatch is highly impressive, especially when you consider going against long-time stalwarts like OpenSuse, Mandriva, et al. The summary states:

* October 2009 was the (8th consecutive) best month ever since the creation of Linux Mint.
* The overall income is up 8%.
* Our user base is the second largest in the desktop Linux market.
* The community support has never been so big. 147 people gathered to send us more than $3,800! We also got a single donation of $461 from Einar Orn Eidsson (Iceland). This has never been so high.
Is it very invigorating to see that this project keeps getting more attention and the respect it deserves. It is also proof that, in time, quality will reward itself. And the attention, and people, will come.

Though there is more to do to continue to make using Linux the best experience it can be (read: wi-fi), excellent projects like Mint help ease that process, while at the same time providing many benefits over what can be found in a non-Open Source OS.

Stop by and give Linux Mint a spin. And be sure to say hi to the folks in the community.

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