November 24, 2009

Repositioning the KDE Brand

Big changes are ahead for KDE. In addition to all of the changes coming in 4.4, there is also massive repositioning of the KDE "brand". Here's the summary that was announced today:

* We will use simply "KDE" and retire the expansion "K Desktop Environment"
* We will use "KDE" exclusively in two meanings:
o KDE, the community, which creates free software for end users
o As an umbrella brand for the technology created by the KDE community
* We will use distinct brands for the software that was previously referred to generically as “KDE”:
o The KDE Workspaces will be separately referred to as "KDE Plasma Desktop" and "KDE Plasma Netbook"
o The KDE technologies used for building applications will be referred to as the "KDE Platform"
o The KDE Applications will stay as they are: "the KDE Applications"
o The product we currently have released as "KDE 4.3" is essentially a compilation of our software (Workspaces, Applications and Platform), and thus the next release will be named "KDE Software Compilation 4.4"

I like the umbrella strategy. For one thing, people like feeling like they are a part of a community, as opposed to some fragmented part such as "developer" or "user".

They are on the right track here, IMHO, in both development and positioning towards making further inroads into the computer desktop.

Good job, KDE!

So what is KDE for you?


  1. Time to drop Konqueror imo. The rest of the KDE is bullet-proof imo; Dolphin is the better of the two file browsers, and Konqueror as a web browser is a great concept, but tell me honestly that you're using it right this moment...

    Personal choice and diversity has always kept KDE in a league of its own, but a concise directive will definitely grow the platform.

  2. @Anonymous Well said. Plus, Dolphin is still being heavily developed and will work even better in 4.4.

    I've always been more of a "best-of-breed" guy as opposed to single source solutions like the Swiss army knife-type apps like Konqueror.

    Apparently this is somewhat a heated topic though, as evidenced over on the KDE forums: