September 20, 2010

The Blue Mint "?" Of The Day: What application Would You Like To See Reviewed On TBM?

Welcome to a new feature on TBM - the epically-titled ""?" Of The Day"! Here we'll try to get a pulse on your thoughts on things relevant, more or less, to Linux Mint KDE. I came a across this blog post over on OMG! Suse! and hey, plagiarism is is the sincerest form of flattery, right? OK so today's question:

What application would you
most like to see reviewed here on TBM?

I'll go first, since hey, it's my blog. I'm going to be reviewing, sometime over the next week, KMyMoney. One of things I was a little apprehensive about when moving to Linux was whether or not there was a good personal finance application for Linux / KDE. As I had previously used Quicken Home and Business for years,
this was the basis (or bias, if you will) for the criteria I was going
to use in making my choice.

I narrowed my choices down to (ironic name, right?) and KMyMoney. I'm happy to say I've been using KMM for about a month now, and feel I can write an objective review. So expect a review upcoming in the next few days!

Alrighty then so now it's your turn: What application from the KDE Family would you like to see reviewed here on TheBlueMint? Leave your comments below, and we will choose the most requested to put into our review queue!