August 16, 2012

Looking To Make Muon Discover Even More Versatile And Install More Than Just Apps

Since I had earlier reported on the latest Muon release, which inlcuded Muon Discover, the author has come up with a few new ways in which to use this versatile front end. If you are new to Muon Discover, it is basically like the Ubuntu Software Center except it is for Kubuntu! See my linked post above for installing.

Alex Pol, the program's author, has stated:
"The first Muon Discover iteration was centered into building a new GUI to figure out your system’s available applications. The second iteration though, was meant to be an engine overhaul. The GUI wouldn’t change much but technically it changed a lot. Muon’s internal library was repurposed into a backend-based system where APT is only a backend, which means basically two things:
  • Now we can have multiple backends
  • Now we don’t depend on QApt"
What the author has done already is to create front ends that allow for installing plasmoids as well as one for installing comics to the comics plasmoid. What this in essence means is that Muon Discover could be used for almost anything we can think of - from installing plasmoids to maybe being a front end to DiviantArt for searching for photos and wallpapers and the like. Some other uses that come to mind are, for example, being as front-end for:

  • wallpapers, fonts, and color schemes
  • for downloading templates and sample documents
  •, as listed above
  • Any good GPL-licensed sound and/or clipart websites or databases

What do you think? What good uses could you see from this? Most importantly, what do you think of Muon Discover?

Follow Muon development here:
Alex Pol's Blog, The Blind Cow:


  1. Before selecting your template make sure that your template selection is compatible with your version of Word.

    Sample Templates

  2. KDE sites intergration is a very good idea! :D sorting out licences on diviantart could be interesting.. unless u can build in support to pay/tip/donate to the artists :D