August 22, 2012

Uber's Planetary Annihilation Game To Gain Native Linux Support

One of the most actively talked about independent games vying for your dollars since it's announcement has been Uber's Planetary Annihilation. Planetary Annihilation is an epic, interplanetary RTS that is the spiritual successor to 1997's Total Annihilation release from GT Interactive. Aiming to provide a RTS war game on a colossal scale, PA is nearing it's funding completion with around three weeks left to go in it's Kickstarter campaign.

So what does this mean for us Linux users? Well... hold tight kids...It means that PA will be coming to Linux when it's released sometime in the first half of next year! Yes that's right...first Steam is announced for Linux, and now a big title like TA. Linux gamers are speaking out and developers are listening. Are you hearing me, Electronic Arts?

The developers first update stated that PA will have "Offline/LAN support, DRM Free, Multi-Language, Sharable Custom Commander, [and] 64-bit Support". This was followed by an announcement the next day (Aug 17, 2012) that "You spoke, we listened; Linux support is confirmed. This is not a stretch goal. We are supporting it right out of the gate."

This is excellent news. Excitement is building for this online RTS, with such heavyweights as Mincecraft's creator Notch stating "I have never been more excited ever: I can't throw money fast enough at them".

In addition to Notch's comment via Twitter above, Here is some of what Twitter is saying  about Planetary Annihilation coming to Linux:

"Kickstarter for Planetary Annihilation zooms by $500000, 25 days remain for goal: The RTS will now be on ... #Linux" (@ManifestStefany)
"Planetary Annihilation llegará a Linux. … // the penguin is getting stronger" (@zurdo_utm)
"One's monocle quivers with excitement! Could this be the glorious return of Total Annihilation?" (@GameChap)
"I just backed Planetary Annihilation on @Kickstarter: [] A RTS game with Linux support and nice graphics by @UberEnt." (@Taecilla)

Follow all the excitement over on Kickstarter, and if you're a Linux gamer, be sure to pledge and support these game developers who support us!

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