February 6, 2013

How To Enable Global Menu And Title Bar Button Options In KDE 4.10's KWin

As one might already be aware of, with the release earlier today of KDE SC 4.10, many new features were introduced in all areas of KDE. Workspaces was no exception, and some new features came down via KWin that are worth mentioning. They are the Global Menu and Menu Button. Basically, these are alternatives to the 'standard' application menu view, whereby the menu is laid out horizontally across the top of the application. If you are using Firefox to read this, just look up and you'll likely see what I mean.

The first alternative, Global Menu, basically un-docks the menu from the application, opting instead to have the menu appear on hover in the top-middle of the screen. This frees up real estate for the application and the application's window that would otherwise take up room, even when not in use.

Global Menu In KDE 4.10 Shown For Quassel
The next alternative we will look at is the Menu Button. This basically collapses and condenses the entire menu into a button, shown in the left-hand corner is the application where typically the "File" menu option would be. Clicking the button reveals the first menu layer, and so forth. Nice, neat, tiny, and tidy. 

Dolphin Shown Using The Menu Button Menubar Style

Try It Out

  • If you have upgraded your Kubuntu, Ubuntu, NetrunnerOS, or Mint installation to KDE 4.10, then trying these menubars in KWin is simple:
  • Open System Settings > Application Appearance > Style. Make sure 'Oxygen' is the style selected (support for other styles will be coming in future releases)
  • Click the Fine Tuning Tab and use the dropdown list by Menubar Style
  • Pick one and try it out!
Menubar Options In KDE's System Settings

KDE has always been known for options. It's good to see that trend continue here, in carrying on the configure until your heart's content nature of KDE. 

What view do you prefer?

Note: Martin Gräßlin's original post can be found here.

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