February 21, 2017

KDE Community Publishes Video Showing How To Create Custom Themes

Today the KDE Community published a detailed video showing how one can download, create, edit, and ultimately upload and share a custom Plasma look and feel theme. Uploads are sent to the KDE Store to be shared with other users. Editing look and feel themes is accomplished via the Plasma tool  'Look And Feel Explorer', which is a part of the plasma-sdk package. The package should easily be installable in your distribution of choice.

According to the Wiki, the following attributes can be defined in a custom theme:
  • widget style
  • color scheme
  • icons
  • plasma theme
  • cursor theme
  • window switcher
  • desktop switcher
  • window decoration

The Wiki also contains instructions for creating a theme, that can augment and compliment the video embedded below. Changed attributes can then be defined in the new theme as dependencies. Details are explained in the video. Finally, once the new theme is done, it can be uploaded and shared to the KDE Store to allow others to use your creation (or modify as they see fit).

Overall, the Look And Feel Explorer looks to be an easy way for users to create full-on themes that can dramatically alter the Plasma desktop in new ways in a semi-automated format, which should lead to some interesting and amazing creations for Plasma users to enjoy. Have any themes you've put together that you'd like showcased or to share? Put the link to your theme in the comments below and we'll highlight some of the best in a future story!

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