March 19, 2018

Chakra Linux Gets Across The Board Plasma Updates And Babe Music Player

Today Chakra Linux, the Arch-derived and self-described "half-rolling release model" Linux distribution, announced KDE Plasma updates and the inclusion of the Babe Music Player, which itself has just matured to beta status (more on that in a separate post). Chakra is, in practicality, a similar distro to KDE Neon in that it "aims to provide a stable core of software, and rolling applications on top of it". KDE Plasma fans who prefer a relatively-stable Arch based system would surely be the target for Chakra, which has been around now since 2010 and going strong.

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Included in the announcement are across-the-board updates to KDE Plasma, which include Plasma 5.12.3, Applications 17.12.3, and Frameworks 5.44.0, thereby bringing users an entirely up-to-date Chakra desktop.

Babe Music Player Added

Also announced is the inclusion of the new Babe Music Player which recently reached beta status. Babe is multi-platform and utilizes the Kirigami Framework (like Plasma Discover) to makes Babe's UI convergent. As a result, there is also a version of Babe you can download to your Android phone and sync your tunes with. Another standout for Babe is the inclusion of the Youtube-dl application for downloading videos off of Youtube and other supported sites.

Chakra now includes Babe Music Player Beta.
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Based out of Germany, Chakra Linux currently ranks #79 on Distrowatch and has a long-standing and active community. Chakra Linux comes as a 2.06GB download, and is available worldwide via download links from the distribution's website. If you use Chakra, feel free to comment below on how it's been going for you.


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