March 17, 2018

Linux Journal Has A "Best Desktop Environment" Poll And KDE Is Comfortably Ahead

Just a quick note that the folks over at Linux Journal Magazine have one of those flame-war-inciting but always fun "Best Desktop Environment" polls. At the time of this post, KDE Plasma is comfortably ahead with nearly 3,000 votes cast, and an 11 percentage point lead over number 2 Gnome.

So, if you're into these kinds of things, head on over and cast a quick vote! The poll started on the 12th of March, and does not say when it is scheduled to end.

After all, it's a good feeling when all our favorite DE gets some Userland love. Of course, it's also always nice to have those bragging rights for the next "Best DE" flame war you "accidentally" wonder into.

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