April 3, 2018

KDE Plasma "Flat Activities Series" Wallpapers Available For Having An Elegant Look On Your (Virtual) Desktops

The KDE store is quite an amazing place these days. Maybe it's the ever-increasing popularity of KDE Plasma. Or perhaps it's the fact that the OpenDesktop series of websites, which the KDE Store is a part of, now monetarily rewards those contributing to the betterment of the site. Or maybe something else entirely. Whatever the reason(s), interesting things abound on store.kde.org everywhere you look. It is well worth checking out if you haven't done so lately, and we'll be sure to cover some of the better entires in the various Plasma and Qt categories as time goes on as well.

One such addition that may be of interest to readers is the FLAT Activities series of wallpapers by a contributor by the name of Sandrone. One of the unique things about this wallpaper series is that it is specifically tailored to KDE activities and / or virtual desktops. Many of you may already know that Plasma allows you, among other things, to have different wallpapers for each activity or virtual desktop. And while that's great, it can sometimes be jarring going from radically different wallpapers clicking from one activity to another as you perform daily tasks. What this wallpaper series does is try to provide an elegant common theme throughout the different activities that you may use throughout your day. Be at work or play, creating things or communicating, there is a wallpaper for that activity.

The wallpapers are simple and refined looking, with soft pastel colors and centered  monochromatic icons that reflect the name and purpose of the activity. You can feel free to mix and match both the theme of the wallpaper (of which there are 7 unique themes), and the colors (5 unique colors for each theme) amongst and across all of your different activities. If my math is right, that's a grand total of ...uhm... a lot of possible combinations.

The wallpaper suite's themes

Here are all 7 themes, or titles, of each individual wallpaper, along with a brief explanation of what types of things you would be doing in an activity bearing the name that inspired the wallpaper - whew! That's a mouthful. Colors chosen are purely random from the 5 available for each. Also note that you could use the same color for each wallpaper across every Activity or virtual desktop. The choice is yours.

#1 - Connect
"FLAT Connect Wallpapers can be used for activities related to internet: like browsing, emails, downloads, ftp, etc."

KDE Plasma Flat Activities Wallpaper 1 Connect
Flat Activities "Connect" wallpaper with
Telegram chat client showing

#2 - Create
"FLAT Create Wallpapers can be used for activities related to creativity and arts: like drawing, design, photo and video"

KDE Plasma Flat Activities Wallpaper 2 Create
Flat Activities "Create" wallpaper with Krita open

#3 - Develop
"FLAT Develop Wallpapers can be used for activities related to development, web sites, coding, debug, database, etc."

KDE Plasma Flat Activities Wallpaper 3 Develop
Flat Activities "Develop" wallpaper with Qt Designer open
#4 - Emulate
"FLAT Emulate Wallpapers can be used for activities related to other systems emulation: like VirtualBox, DosEMU, Wine, etc."

KDE Plasma Flat Activities Wallpaper 4 Emulate
Flat Activities "Emulate" wallpaper
#5 - Plan
"FLAT Plan Wallpapers can be used for office tasks: write documents and spreedsheets, take notes, scheduling, planning, etc."

KDE Plasma Flat Activities Wallpaper 5 Plan
Flat Activities "Plan" wallpaper showing
Calendar Plasma widget

#6  - and an important one - Play
"FLAT Play Wallpapers can be used for fun and entertainment activities: play videogames, watch movies, listen music, etc."

KDE Plasma Flat Activities Wallpaper 6 Play
Flat Activities "Play" wallpaper with VLC
and finally,

#7 - Work
"FLAT Work Wallpapers can be used for generic working activities."

KDE Plasma Flat Activities Wallpaper 7 Work
Flat Activities "Work" wallpaper
with Calligra Sheets open

These seven should well cover most use cases, as most people utilizing KDE Activities probably use two or three and in some hard-core cases maybe even four. Seven should just about cover anything you'd want to accomplish while utilizing Activities or virtual desktops. And while we are certainly not going to end the debate as to which is better, Activities or virtual desktops in KDE Plasma, we do know that these stylish wallpapers will look good no matter which side of that fence you sit on.

Simple, elegant, and Activity-driven, these wallpapers may just be the thing that helps you get more acquainted and into using activities. And also helps you get stuff done, just perhaps with a little more elegance.


All links are for each individual wallpaper as found in the KDE Store.

- FLAT Activities Series 1: Connect
- FLAT Activities Series 2: Create
- FLAT Activities Series 3: Develop
- FLAT Activities Series 4: Emulate
- FLAT Activities Series 5: Plan
- FLAT Activities Series 6: Play
- FLAT Activities Series 7: Work


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