April 5, 2018

Kubuntu Bionic Beaver Beta 2 Release Images Prepping For Release - i386 Testers Badly Needed

For those wanting to test out what will become Kubuntu Bionic Beaver 18.04, release candidate images have been published and are available for download. One area in particular that needs more testing are the i386 images.

While many distributions have moved away from i386, designating it as a relic of the past, the Kubuntu development team is willing to publish and support this older architecture - but only if the community supports such a move.

Over on Kubuntu-development mailing list, board member Valorie Zimmerman laid out the situation rather succinctly:

"Anyway, i386 users, now or never! I mean literally if we don't get
testing on this LTS on i386 hardware, we will NOT be offering it from
here forward. This is a community-produced product, and if those who
want it are not willing to test it, we simply cannot provide untested

Please login to the qatracker at
click the little disk symbol to download or zsync an image, and test
test test!

File bug reports for bugs you find using `ubuntu-bug ubuiquity` or
whatever the packagename is (ubiquity is the installer) and add those
BR numbers to your report.

Please, today or at latest tomorrow."

So basically if there are not enough tests performed over the next few days, the i386 releases will disappear forever. The developers have made it clear that they will make every attempt to support these older computers so long as the community wants it's.

As of this writing, there were no QA tests completed for the dated architecture, however at least one user was stepping up saying they would perform the test. Even still, that's hardly enough to warrant confidence.

Again, most other distributions have already stopped spinning .iso files for this particular architecture. Which, if successful, would leave Kubuntu as a participant in an increasingly smaller circle.


- amd64 Beta 2 candidate testing going well; i386 testing -- none?


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