April 5, 2018

Today's Razer Game Store Launch Includes Many Quality Linux Titles And A Sale

Serious Sam 3 in the Razor Game Store
So today comes news of another game store to compete with the likes of GoG, Steam, Fractal, Humble Bundle, and others. You're likely thinking "Uhm...another store to buy games? Hmmmm...OK then...". So the main question for us at K*Digest! is - How does the Razer store treat us Linux gamers?

Here is a quick look.

As of right now the catalog boasts 344 Linux games available for purchase. While that may pale in comparison to the likes of Steam and even GoG, it is worth noting that the Razer Games Store seems to be shooting for quality over quantity.

Also, the selections appear to be all newer releases. So we will find titles like Pillars of Eternity 2 available for pre-order, as well as Linux stalwarts like Stellaris , Dungeons 3, Age of Wonders III collection, and many others.

Another unique aspect of the Razer game store is the idea of rewards that it offers customers. Cold razer rewards, they are earned and paid and something cold zSilver and the currency is received for every purchase made.

Razor Rewards and zSilver
Unique offerings, like Razer Rewards,
might make the Razer Store succeed in an
ever-crowded Linux Gaming landscape

Obviously when you have collected enough silver you can redeem rewards including Razer peripherals and free games. Another advertised feature are razer exclusive deals that cannot be found anywhere else. Finally, Razer has stated that all games purchased through their store will also receive Steam keys to be authorized and played through the Steam system.

There is an initial sale of 15% off using the coupon code "RGSLAUNCH15". So while the selection of Linux games is not vast it does appear that the games have been curated to be among the best sellers and newer titles available on our cherished platform of choice.

Further, the reward system will likely give a Steam a bit of run for its money, as people do like their loyalty rewards. Do we need yet another online store for buying games? Only time will tell.

Razor Game Store showing Linux game titles
Some of the Linux Games found in the
Razer Game Store

One final thought I'll leave you with is this: If Linux games sell well through the store, maybe it'll be more likely for razer to provide better Linux support for their peripheral hardware. Many of you know, historically speaking, razer has left it up to the community-at-large to write code supporting their peripherals on Linux.

Better than nothing, but hardly ideal. Maybe this is the start of something really good for Linux gamers in a few tangible ways. After all, it was Herbert Hoover who supposedly said:

"Competition is not only the basis of protection to the consumer, but is the incentive to progress."

Who can argue against that?

If you decide to make a purchase through the store of a Linux game, do let us know how your experience went!


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