April 13, 2019

KDE Releases Frameworks 5.57.0 With Many Under The Hood Improvements

Today the KDE Community announced the immediate release of Frameworks 5.57.0, which contains many improvements and fixes to the underlying Qt-based building blocks for the KDE Plasma Desktop. As a reminder, KDE Frameworks are defined as:

" ...over 70 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested libraries with friendly licensing terms."

And from the Frameworks page itself:

" The individual Frameworks are well documented, tested and their API style will be familiar to Qt developers.

Frameworks are developed under the proven KDE governance model with a predictable release schedule, a clear and vendor neutral contributor process, open governance and flexible LGPL or MIT licensing.

The frameworks are cross-platform and function on Windows, Mac, Android and Linux."

In addition to KDE Plasma, other examples of projects that use KDE Frameworks are the lightweight LX-Qt desktop and the Nitrux Operating System, as well as many others - including projects for Windows and Android.

KDE Applications are currently released monthly, with the next planned release scheduled for May 11th, 2019.

What's New?

In addition to numerous bug and regression fixes, highlights in this release of Frameworks are:

  • Baloo File Indexer
    • Allow time based search (e.g. using mtime)
  • Breeze Incons 
    • Add "notifications" and "notifications-disabled" icons
    • Make start-here-kde also available start-here-kde-plasma
    • New Sublime merge icocn
  • KFileMetaData
    • Implement support for writing rating information for taglib writer
    • Added support for extracting data from .ogg and .ts files
  • KIO
    • Improve executable dialog buttons' icons
    • Will now show list of tags in PlacesView
  • KNewStuff
    • Switch (force) URLs to https
    • Updated link to fsearch project
    • Handle unsupported OCS (KNewStuff) commands
  • NetworkManagerQt
    • Various WireGuard improvements

In addition, as mentioned earlier, there are many, many bug and papercut fixes as well to BluezQt, KArchive, KCMUtils, Kirigami, and others. The full announcement can be found here.

Look for KDE Frameworks' latest update to land in your distribution soon. The next release coming to KDE Plasma will be the release of KDE Applications 19.04 next week.


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