May 21, 2012

Kubuntu Linux Does Diablo 3 With Ease With An Assist From Wine And PlayOnLinux

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We're a little late to the Diablo 3 Linux party here, but in case you missed it we did want to pass on that the answer is yes! The question, of course, is whether you can play Diablo 3 on Kubuntu. It turns out, thanks to Wine and PlayOnLinux, to be relatively easy to set up and get going. 

Detailed instructions are over on the Diablo 3 testing installer page from PlayOnLinux. Viewing the blog entrie's comments, as well as the PlayOnLinux Forums, there does appear to be a few small issues that you might encounter, so be sure to read through them first. Or not. It's entirely up to you. Also note that you must use the downloaded version of the game (for now), as DVD support is not yet functional.

It's also worth noting that our friends over at Codeweavers are anticipating Linux support of Diablo 3 any day now through their Crossover Linux product. James Ramey, Interim CEO over at Codeweavers, wrote a blog post about it a few weeks back. There were just a few hiccups to iron out before the green light could be given. So a little patience will be rewarded if you'd like to experience Diablo 3 in a more supported environment.

Either way, the idea that you can't play AAA-list games on Linux is being proven more wrong all the time. And that need to keep that old XP partition for "gaming" a little less necessary.

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