April 4, 2018

Moving Away From Feedburner For Email Subscriptions

Just a quick note to let our readers know who are subscribed to our posts via our email delivery service, I have decided to move the site away from Google's Feedburner service for email delivery of posted articles. This is mainly due to having a severe lack of control over how and when such emails are sent, how they look, and overall quality of the email is delivered. The new service allows much better control and a much more professional environment for both our subscribers and for the site administrators.

Additionally, it is understood that many people are trying not be so dependent on Google and its plethora of services. So we definitely do not want to be in a position whereby someone who would like to stay current with our content chooses not to do so because RSS feeds were all utilizing a Feedburner service that is owned and managed by Google. Further along this line, at some point when the site's traffic warrants, the site itself will be moved to a different hosting provider as well. But that is a topic for another day.

If you are already subscribed to KDigest's email delivery service, the change will be automatic and you will have to do nothing on your part to continue getting daily digest deliveries of the content we are publishing here on the site (and, on a side note, thanks for being a subscriber!).

You current RSS feed from K*Digest! will possibly no longer work...

One change that will be impacted however are the RSS feeds. The decision has also been made to shut down the Feedburner RSS feed in it's entirety. While the old link  should "just work" via permanent redirection, the Feedburner RSS feed was the default RSS feed for this site for a long time now. So if for some reason you stop receiving are articles in your RSS feed reader of choice, I will post the new one here. Please be sure to update your RSS feed subscription service with the new address.

If you have any other questions or comments, on either making sure everything is setup right to continue receiving are feeds, or just on the quality of the emails themselves, be sure to let us know. I just appreciate your understanding as we keep moving to provide a better and more professional experience for our readers.

Thanks much and keep on enjoying the KDE Community, Linux, and free software!

New RSS Feed:



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