November 6, 2018

Plasma 5.14.3 Released With More Bug Fixes In Breeze, Discover, KWin

KDE Plasma 5 Screenshot
KDE Plasma 5.14

Today KDE developer David Edmundson announced the availability of KDE Plasma 5. 14. 3. While no major feature enhancements came down the pike (as this is merely a bug fix release) there are some nice regression-fixes and bug fixes to report on this time around.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a special shout-out to KDE e.V. board member and developer Alex Pol. His continued work on Plasma's Software Store and update utility, Discover, is truly admirable as bugs continue to get squashed and features added at an impressive pace. Discover is fast shaping up to be the gold standard for application and security update management among Linux systems.
These days the once rather buggy application seems to be hitting its stride while at the same time adding features left and right. The latter we'll cover in the 5.15 release article.

Browsing Plasma Widgets in Discover
Browsing Plasma Widgets in Discover in Plasma 5.14.3

Future releases will include Plasma 5.14.4 and 5.14.5 before the release of Plasma 5.15 due out in February of 2019. Plasma 5.14.3 has landed in KDE Neon on the same day as the release announcement as shown on our system here:

Plasma 5.14.3 in KDE Neon
Plasma 5.14.3 in KDE Neon

For those not running KDE Neon, look forward to it landing in an update soon in your distribution of choice.

Changes featured here include:

  • Breeze icon fixes for GTK+ and Nautilus File Manager
  • Bug fix in the Comic Strip Plasma Add-on applet / widget
  • Numerous KWin fixes, including an 'effects' fix which closed three different bugs
  • Numerous Discover fixes, including improvements in handling firmware updates, Snaps, and Flatpaks
  • A Plasma Networkmanager icon fix
  • A few other fixes to Plasma Workspace, Plasma Audio Volume Control, and Plasma Desktop
The full change list can be found here, and the announcement itself can be seen over at the announcements page.

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