March 10, 2019

KDE Frameworks 5.56.0 Has Been Released With Many Fixes And Improvements

KDE News

Yesterday KDE announced the release of KDE Frameworks 5.56.0, continuing it's monthly cycle of releasing bug fixes and improvements to this cross-platform Qt add-on library. 

Highlights in this release included:

Baloo File Indexer

  • avoiding crashes  for "tags:/" URL
  • Using content to determine mime type
  • Exclude indexing of GPG encrypted data
  • Making sure only directories are added to the (inotify) watcher

Breeze Icons

  • New icons, including video camera, suspend, hibernate, switch user, battery, and device icons for drones
  • Rename "visibility" and "hint" icons to "view-visible" and "view-hidden"
  • Improved the font selection icon
  • Made Breeze theme tooltip texts consistent
  • Many other changes


  • Filter out invalid content in list
  • Fixed a memory leak 


Plasma Framework

  • Will now show a warning if a plugin requires a newer version
  • Invalidate old caches via bump the theme versions, because icons have changed
  • Made Breeze theme tooltip texts consistent



  • Add metadata to extractors
  • Added an extractor for AppImage files
  • Now provides more helpful output when extractor fails
  • Will now format EXIF photo flash data

Plus many other improvements, too numerous to list here. Highlights include fixes to KActivities, KAuth, KCodecs, Kio, Kirigami (numerous bug fixes here, too many to list), KWayland,  and Syntax Highlighting, among others.

It's good to see all of these papercuts and new features added on such a regular basis throughout Frameworks, especially as improvements here shine throughout the User experience throughout KDE Plasma.

For a full list of changes and fixes, you can read the official announcement here.


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