April 21, 2019

KDE Financial Application Skrooge Gets A New Point Release

The team behind the KDE Financial application Skrooge has announced the release of version 2.19.9, a point release available for immediate download.

Skrooge logo - A personal finances manager, powered by KDE

Consisting mainly of bug fixes and performance improvements, the KDE Frameworks-based personal finance application looks to better manage your finances with the following new patches:

  • Improved QIF import functionality
  • Fixed a potential crash when importing a CSV file
  • Fixed an error in the default monthly report
  • New scaleable icons icons and icon fix for OSX
  • Added a new tracker with running balance in the Operations page
  • Various performance improvements

Skrooge screenshot, courtesy of Snapcraft.io
Skrooge screenshot, courtesy of Snapcraft.io


Getting Skrooge

Skrooge should be in your local software store for installation. To get the latest, however, head on over to the project's download page to see all of your installation options, including Snap and Flatpak packages.

KDE is blessed to have two well-received financial applications in Skrooge and KMyMoney. Hopefully, they continue to gain users and can evolve and flourish in the future.

If you've never tried a personal finance application before, here are a few good reasons to do so.

Of course, we prefer open source solutions which respect our privacy and give us the tools to use as we see fit. If Skrooge ticks all the boxes for you with regard to financial budgeting and management software, do let us know.

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